SunSDR2 QRP transceiver

Alle amateurbanden tot en met 50 Mhz. 5 Watt vermogen. All mode.

Transceiver SunSDR2 QRP is an entry level transceiver with the wide range of functions. It allows to make various software systems for solving any radio amateur tasks. All that can be done with a help of work with ExpertSDR2 software and the advantages of using direct sampling.
LAN interface allows to connect the transceiver to wire and wireless networks, providing comfortable accommodation of it at any place while the arrangement of a work place.

Main features

  • Double channel receive path is built on the basis of Direct Down Conversion principle (DDC)
  • Bandscope up to 60MHz
  • Transmission path based on Direct Up Conversion principle
  • Embedded power meters and SWR
  • External Control Connector for control of external devices like power amplifiers, narrow bandpass filters, antenna switches. There are 8 open collector switches
  • PTT footswitch input
  • CW-keyer input
  • Headphones output, impedance 8-1000 Ohm
  • Electret microphone input
  • Connector for Yaesu MH-31 microphone, which includes microphone and PTT buttons
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Ethernet LAN interface
  • Calibrationvalues of the transceiver are stored inside the device. No need for  initial calibration
  • Remote work mode. PTT foot switch and CW-keyer are connected to E-Coder panel. Headset is connected to PC  

Application field

  • Radio amateur HF transceiver of the entry level
  • Remote reception point for contests
  • Spectrum analyzer with the spectrum scope up to 60MHz
  • Record air stations with the further reproducing 

PC requirements

  • Processor Intel Core i3 and higher
  • Video card supporting the technology of OpenGL 1.5 and higher and RAM 256 Mbyte and more
  • Local network connector 100 Mbps or 1 Gbps
  • OS Windows XP/7/8 x32 or x64, OS Linux Ubuntu x64 


ExpertSDR2 software is used to support SunSDR2 QRP. Two types of OS are supported: Windows XP/Vista/8 и Linux Ubuntu/Kubuntu. 

 Basic configuration:

  • LAN-cable for connecting to local network
  • Power cable for connecting the transceiver to power supply
  • CD-disk with software (Software can be also downloaded


    General coverage receiver in HF, MHz 0.09...65
    Frequency coverage in HF in TX mode, MHz All amateur frequencies
    Sensitivity, uV 0,1
    Maximum transmitter's output power in HF, W 5
    Blocking dynamic range in HF mode (BDR), dB 110
    RF ADC clock frequency, MHz 125
    RF ADC resolution, bit 14
    RF DAC clock frequency, MHz 125
    RF DAC resolution, bit 14
    Recommended power supply, V 12
    Local oscillator's stability, ppm +/- 0.5
    Supply voltage range, V 10...15
    Maximum consumption current, А 3
    Built-in audio codec resolution, bit 24
    Operating temperature, ºC 0...+75
    Dimensions, mm 165х100х35
    Weight, kg 0,5

*- Using external software can support a larger number of types of modulation

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SunSDR2 transceiver QRP

  • € 999,00

  • Excl. BTW: € 825,62

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