• RF Systems MLB-MK2 langdraadantenne, 20 mtr

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RF Systems MLB-MK2 20 mtr langdraadantenne met magnetische balun. Voor ontvanger.


MLB antennas are short, end-fed wire antennas (mostly called longwires) with built-in Magnetic Longwire Balun, offering excellent performance on long, medium and shortwave reception. These antennas offer all the advantages of the Magnetic Longwire Balun: coaxial lead-in cable between antenna and receiver, broadband performance without antenna tuner and reduced noise and interference due to the Magnetic Transfer technology of RF Systems. All antennas are completely assembled, ready to hang. Heavy duty construction with Dracon cord, high strength egg-insulator and pre-stretched oxigene free flexible copper wire, covered with UV light and weather resistant poly-urethane for the MK 1 and MK 2. The MK 3 and MK 4 are professional heavy-duty versions of the MK 1 and MK 2, using corrosion free stainless steel for all parts, including the MLB and the antenna wire it selves. These versions are in use on embassies and in situations with extreme weather conditions.


* Completely assembled, ready to hang

* MK 1 & 3 : 100 kHz - 40 MHz, length 12.5 mtrs

* MK 2 & 4 : 100 kHz - 30 MHz, length 20 mtrs offering more signal on the long and mediumwave bands

* Coaxial cable between antenna and receiver

* Constant reception characteristics over the entire frequency range without antenna tuner

* Reduced noise and interference, no intermodulation

* Antenna wire is grounded, no static built-up

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RF Systems MLB-MK2 langdraadantenne, 20 mtr

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