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Cloud-IQ ontvanger met een frequentiebereik van 9kHz - 56 Mhz

The Cloud-IQ is the latest high performance software defined receiver from RFSPACE. The Cloud-IQ offers two modes of operation. The IQ mode, offers 24 bit, IQ streaming to the PC over ethernet. This mode uses our SpectraVue software or third party programs like SDR-Radio, SDR# and GNU radio. The stand-alone “Cloud” mode includes a built-in internet server. In this mode, the radio performs the tuning and demodulation of signals and transmits the demodulated information back to a PC, OS-X, Linux or Android client anywhere in the world.

The new Cloud-IQ receiver offers unparalleled performance in the 0.009-56 MHz range with an HD2 and HD3 performance of -90 dBfs and sensitivity of -137 dBm/Hz in a 500 Hz BW. The Cloud-IQ has a standard IQ streaming mode for use with your favorite applications like SpectraVue, SDR-Radio and SDR#. In addition, the Cloud-IQ has a built-in low bandwidth server that allows the remote operation of the radio over the internet using our Windows, Mac, Linux or Android applications.

How does it compare to the SDR-IQ:

  1. -Cloud-IQ offers 1.2288 MHz IQ sample rate vs. 196 kHz of the SDR-IQ. NEW 1.8 MHz IQ rate.

  2. -Uses ethernet interface vs. USB. Can be placed far away from computer.

  3. -Sensitivity is over 15 dB better.

  4. -Broader frequency coverage of 9 kHz to 56 MHz

  5. -Includes low bandwidth cloud mode for access anywhere in the world.

  6. -Powered by a small power supply or USB powered.

  7. -Includes an internal adjustable trigger for capture of repetitive signals (pulsars, Codar, chirps).

  8. -2 antenna input ports for remote or local selection of two antennas.

  9. -All HD2, HD3 products better than -90dBc at -1dB below clipping point.

  10. -Includes a wideband 56 MHz wide spectrum analyzer mode.

  11. -10x faster interface

  12. -Optional RS-232 3.5mm to DB9 cable for external radio control.

  13. -Built-in TCXO


  1. -HF and VHF monitoring

  2. -External high resolution panoramic and spectrum displays

  3. -GMDSS networks

  4. -Internet of Things (IoT) remote access point

  5. -Geolocation of remote signals

  6. -Distributed radio and sensor systems

  7. -Remote signal surveillance

  8. -Ionospheric sounding


  1. -Cloud-IQ receiver

  2. -USB power cable

  3. -5V 1 Amp USB output power supply with US blade connector 240 V capable.

  4. -Ethernet cable

  5. -SpectraVue software CD

  6. -SDRanywhere application for Android, PC and Mac OS

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Cloud-IQ SDR ontvanger

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