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Dit is niet zo maar een SDR ontvanger. De Colibri heeft uitstekende grootsignaal eigenschappen.

The Colibri-NANO USB stick is a powerful direct sampling SDR reveiver. The frequency range covers 9 kHz to 55 MHz. The AD converter uses 14 Bit width, which results in an excellent 110 dB BDR. The samle rate is 122 MHz, together with the anti-aliasing filter this offers a direct samplig receiver up to 55 MHz. The filter can be turned off so you can use the receiver in undersampling mode (with reduced parameters) up to 500 MHz.

Due to the improved, faster processing of the IQ data on the SDR a larger sample width of 3 MHz is achieved. I.e. the realtime spectrum display can be up to 3 MHz wide. This is an excellent value for this class of device! The software ExpertSDR2 (download at offers a receiver for all usual modes. Digi modes can be decoded by external programs using the support for virtual audio devices VAC.

Another nice feature of the Colibri-NANO SDR is the combined attenuator/pre-amp stage which can be finely adjusted in 0.5 dB steps from -31 to +6 dB. Together with the low noise floor (-127 to -131 dBm) and an excellent sensitivity of 0.05 µV the result is a receiver with excellent large signal handling capabilities. The Colibri-NANO is a perfect HF scanner, whether you are in a noisy or in a very quiet enviroment.

The Colibri-NANO is either operated directly attached to the computer of the user, or can be used remotely at a distant location. This is done with the freely available ExpertRemote software.

At the location of the SDR a small computer is required, for example a Raspberry-Pi; for the internet connection a relatively slow link like LTE or 3G is sufficient. This allows you to use the SDR receiver at a convient and quiet location anywhere on the world.

The ExpertSDR2 software (download at offers demodulators for all usual modes. Digimodes can be decoded with external programs, which are using the virtual audio devices provided by a VAC. Furthermore the software of the Colibri-NANO offers a CAT interface for remote control of a traditional amateur radio transceiver, to be synchronised with this device. Visually the ExpertSDR2 software is very impressive due to the support of 4K displays. The operating system can be Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32/64 bit)) or Linux (Ubuntu, Kubuntu). ExtIO DLLs are provided for other programs, for example SDR# [1] or HDSDR.

Colibri NANO SDR
Colibri NANO SDR
Technical Data Colibri-NANO SDR
Frequency Range9 kHz – 55MHz
Spectrum48 - 3072 kHz
ADC, Sampling Rate14 Bit, 122.8 MS/s
Blocking Dynamic Range110 dB
IMD3 Dynamic range95 dB
Stability LO±0.5ppm
Attenuator-31 - +6dB, in 0.5 dB Schritten
Input filterTiefpass 55MHz
Operating Voltage5V ± 10%
Current consumptionca. 410mA
ConnectorUSB 2.0
Anschluss AntenneSMA jack
Dimensions90 x 25 x 17 mm
Weight43 g

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Colibri Nano SDR receiver

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