• Yaesu FT-1DE digitale en analoge portofoon

Yaesu FT1DE digitale en analoge portofoon voor VHF en UIHF, 144 en 430 Mhz

Geïntegreerde GPS
CTCSS / DCS Encode & Decode
Dot Matrix LCD
Wideband ontvanger

De Yaesu FT-1DE biedt een nieuw niveau van technologie voor u in uw hand. Deze 2 meter/430 portofoon biedt zowel analoge en digitale communicatie op beide banden met maximaal 5 Watt.

Geniet van breedbandontvangst van 500 kHz tot 999 MHz  ontvangst met inbegrip van de AM-en FM- omroepband. Solide AM-band ontvangst is uitgebreid met een ingebouwde ferrietantenne.

Andere kenmerken zijn: trilfunctie, GPS met logging en uitwisseling functie, beeldoverdracht (QVGA 320 × 240), Wires, optionele camera microfoon met de MH-85A11U , mini-USB-poort, Micro-SD-kaart poort.


The FT1DE Digital Portable Transceiver is the first Dual Band Digital/Analog Transceiver developed with advanced C4FM FDMA digital technology for Amateur Radio, providing many unique features in digital communication.

A new era of Digital Communications in Amateur Radio has begun with the new Yaesu FT1D.

  • Water Spray Resistant (IPX5)
  • AF Dual Monitor
  • Large Dot Matrix LCD
  • Built-in GPS Antenna
  • GPS Logger feature
  • Vibrate Alert Function
  • Internal AM Ferrite Bar Antenna
  • Wideband Receive

Key Features

Fast Data Communications
The Yaesu FT1D can achieve a data transfer rate of 9.6 kbps, exploiting the data mode to the max!
Digital Communication Technology
The FT1D usesC4FM FDMA (C4FM - 4-level FSK Modulation, FDMA - Frequency Division Multiple Access), which has been developed for the professional LMR communications. It uses this enhanced technology for a lower BER (bit error rate), resulting in stable communications without interruptions during mobile operations, even in a rapidly moving vehicle.
Digital and Analog Modes
It is possible to switch between Digital and Analog communications by pressing one button on the radio. When the digital communications are interrupted due to a weak signal, you can switch to the Analog mode and stay connected to the station you were communicating with.
Innovative Digital Technology
The Yaesu FT1D's digital technology provides new innovations for Amateur Radio communications by fully utilising the advantages of digital communications.
GSM (Group Short Message)
An advantage of Amateur Radio is the ability to communicate simultaneously with all the stations that are located in the communication service range. With the new FT1D, the convenient Short message feature allows the operator to send a short message to the group members simultaneously.In addition, the message sender can confirm that a message was received, using the "receipt acknowledgement" feature. A maximum of 80 alphanumeric characters can be sent as a Short Message.
Snapshot Function (Image Data Transfer)
With the optional MH-85A11U hand microphone, a digital image (snapshot) can be taken and transmitted via the Yaesu FT1D transceiver. This is useful in confirming location or other pertinent information. In addition, a waypoint record may be created to aid in returning to the designated target point(s).
The image data size is 320 x 240 dots, or 160 x 120 dots. However, the image cannot be viewed on the FT1D's screen due to LCD limitation.
The image data also includes the time and the GPS location of the snapshot, and this information can easily be edited after taking the picture.
Transmission time for the snapshot is approximately 20 seconds for the 320 x 240 dot image, and 4 seconds for the 160 x 120 dot image.
Also, a Micro SD card may be installed in the radio for additional data storage, increasing the radio's memory capacity. The data format is the very popular PC JPG, convenient and easily edited with 3rd party image software on a Personal Computer.
Built-In GPS
Take full advantage of the FT1D GPS functions with its built-in GPS unit/antenna.
Dual Band AF Dual Monitor Function
You can listen to the AM or FM broadcast radio while monitoring two HAM frequency channels! When the radio receives a signal on either the "A" or the "B" Amateur Band, it will mute the AM/FM broadcast and switch operation to the Amateur Band that the VX-8G is receiving.
Vibrate Alert Function When a Message is Received
Chose a vibrate pattern from three styles, to alert on message and bell ringer reception.
Digital ARTS
The Yaesu Auto-Range Transponding System (ARTS PAT.) has been much improved! It can alert users when other member stations within the communicatiing group are in communication range.In the FT1D digital radio, the innovative new Digital ARTS also sends the GPS location data. Users can find the direction and the distance of the other stations they want to communicate with.
Data Back-UpThe micro SD card slot is provided on the side of the radio. The GPS logger records the location and track information of the moving station in the memory record within the handheld radio. The picture image data and other useful information data is also stored on the micro SD card.By using the SD card, it is also possible to clone the radio data onto other FT1D handhelds.
USB Connector
A USB Connector is located on the side of the radio; it is used for the optional microphone with camera (MH-85A11U), and to update the internal firmware via a Personal Computer.
E2O (Easy to Operate)
In order to simplify the operation of the fully functional FT1D digital radio, all the operations have been reviewed and completely revised.
The frequently-used functions and keys are designed for convenient operation. You will be pleased with the improved operations!
E-GPS, GPS data transferring function
In the Yaesu FT1D digital/analog handheld transceiver, the E-GPS function has been added. This sophisticated function has been simplified to make it possible to display the direction and distance to the other station with One Touch.
The back-track feature is also available; the direction and distance needed to return to your previous location can be shown simply and clearly (when the locations are memorised).





Frequency Ranges  

A (Main) Band RX

.5 - 999MHz (in 11 Bands)

B (Sub) Band RX

108 - 580 MHz (in 6 Bands)


144 - 146 MHz
  430 - 440 MHz
Channel Steps 5, 6.25, 8.33, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25, 50, 100 kHz
Frequency Stability ±2.5ppm, -20ºC to +60ºC
Emission Type F2D, F3E, F1D, F7W
Repeater Shift ±600 kHz (144 MHz), ±1.6, 5.0, 7.6 MHz (430 MHz)
Antenna Impedance 50Ω
Current Consumption 240mA (Dual Band Receive)
(@ 7.4VDC, approx) +30 mA (GPS On)
  +80 mA (Digital On)
  1.7A (5W TX, 144MHz)
  2.0A (5W TX, 430MHz)
Operating Temperature -20ºC to +60ºC
Case Size (WxHxD, mm) 60 x 95 x 28 (without knob and antenna)
Weight (Approx, g) 265 with FNB101LI & Antenna
Supply Voltage 7.4 VDC Negative Ground
RF Power Output 5.0W (@ 7.4V or EXT DC)
Modulation Type F2A, F2D, F3E, F1D: Variable Reactance
  C4FM: Variable Reactance
Spurious Emission At least 60dB below (Hi, Mid, L2)
  At least 50dB below (L1)
Circuit Type AM, NFM: Double-Conversion Superheterodyne
  AM/FM: Single-Conversion Superheterodyne
1st: 47.25 MHz (A (Main) Band, AM/NFM)
  1st: 46.35 MHz (B Band, AM/NFM)
  2nd: 450 kHz (AM, NFM)
  1st: 130 kHz (AM/FM Radio)
Sensitivity 1.5µV (Typ) for 10dB SN (108-137 MHz, AM)
(some examples; see FT1D's Data
0.16 µV for 12dB SINAD (140 - 150 MHz, NFM)
Sheet for full specifications) 0.18 µV for 12db SINAD (400 - 470 MHz, NFM)
  1.5 µV (TYP) for 12dB SINAD (800 - 999 MHz, NFM)
Selectivity 12 kHz/35 kHz (- 6dB/ - 60dB: NFM, AM)
AF Output 200 mW @ 8 Ω for 10% THD (@ 7.4VDC)
  400 mW @ 8 Ω for 10% THD (@ 13.8VDC)

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Yaesu FT-1DE digitale en analoge portofoon

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