• Yaesu DR-1XE 144/430 Dual Band C4FM/FM Digital Repeater

Yaesu DR-1XE 144/430 Dual Band C4FM/FM Digital Repeater

We are pleased to announce the introduction of the DR-1XE Dual Band (144/430mhz) Repeater that supports both conventional analogue FM and System Fusion Digital Radio protocol at the same time, all within the limits of a 12.5kHz channel bandwidth.

System Fusion is the integrated platform that offers digital radio solutions that enable crisp and clear voice communications and reliable high-speed data communications using C4FM digital modulation providing greater distance capabilities and low battery consumption.

One of the key features of System Fusion products Is AMS (Automatic Mode Select) capability, which instantly detects the received signal being C4FM Digital or Analogue FM mode and automatically matches the communication mode of the received signal.

Therefore, with System Fusion products, including the FT-1DE and FTM-400DE you do not need to manually switch between the communication modes to intercommunicate with other FM Analogue transceivers.

It is possible to configure the DR-1XE so that both Digital and Analogue users can co-exist on the same repeater.

The DR-1XE is available now

Yaesu offers you the dual mode repeater DR-1X for a smooth transition from traditional FM mode to digital C4FM modulation. This relay is capable of both operation modes, the automatic mode select (AMS) recognizes the signal as C4FM digital or conventional FM and then the DR-1X repeater retransmits the signal using the preset communications mode. This makes operating in FM as well as C4FM with only one relay possible.

The DR-1XE relay is shipped as a professional 19" system, a power supply unit is already built-in. The repeater can be used either on 2m (144-146MHz) or 70cm (430-440MHz). Programming is done very comfortably via a large, coloured touch display on the front. With that you can program 'Id' (call sign), transmission and receiving frequency, transmission power (5, 20 or 50W), CTCSS, squelch and the automatic modulation select (AMS). Frequencies can be adjusted in 5 or 6.25kHz steps.

The device requires 13.8V, max. 10A for operation. The DC cable is included. The repeater has an internal loudspeaker for local checking, also a microphone can be plugged in for testing the transmitter.

The DR-1X repeater has no diplexer built-in, but needs be added externally. On the rear side there are separate connectors for transmission and receiving antenna available. The transmission power can be adjusted to 5, 20 or 50W. The relay identifier can be transmitted via voice or CW output in adjustable time intervals to meet regulatory requirements for automatic operating units.

DR-1XE includes in delivery:
•DR-1XE relay in a 19" chassis
•DC cable
•English manual
•SCU-20 PC-ACC cable (USB)

Notitie Yaesu System Fusion Installation Support Promotion Yaesu System Fusion Installation Support Promotion Incentive by Yaesu to support the installation of DR-1XE repeaters! Buy your new DR-1XE FM/C4FM digital repeater now, and get financial support by Yaesu and RYS! You can receive •either 490,00 € in cash returned •or 600,00 € credit balance for the future purchase of at least 2 pcs FTM-400 and/or FT-1DE radios. This incentive is handled by RYS as authorised Yaesu distributor. To claim your incentive cashback money, we need the filled form (see below) returned to us. The following rules apply: •The repeater must have been bought at RYS •The repeater should be in operation and should have an official callsign assigned •The incentive promotion is valid from June 10. until December 31., 2014 This is how the incentive is handled: •After purchase, callsign registration and installation of the repeater, you send the filled out form to RYS. •We transfer the information to Yaesu for clearance. If successfully checked, Yaesu will issue a credit note approx. 30 days after receipt of the form. •In case of a cash payout you will receive a money transfer to your bank account •In case of a credit balance we will offset the amount with purchase(s) of FTM-400E or FT-1DE radios at RYS.

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Yaesu DR-1XE 144/430 Dual Band C4FM/FM Digital Repeater

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  • Model: DR1XE
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