Bose AM&FM Stereo Wave Radio


BoseâAM/FM Stereo Waveâ Radio

You won't believe it! How can a radio so small produce sound so big ... so lifelike ... and so beautiful? Measuring only 4-1/8"H x 14"W x 8-1/4"D, it's no larger than an ordinary table radio. Yet, the music it produces is anything but ordinary! Patented "Acoustic Waveguide" technology is the reason. A built-in 36" folded tube (that's the waveguide) enriches the sound, allowing clear, vibrant music to fill an entire room. Any room! Because of its compact size, you can enjoy this Wave Radio in your living room, den, kitchen, office. It can even serve in the bedroom as a dual-alarm clock radio with snooze and easy-to-read digital display. Battery backup, as well. (Battery included.) The precise AM/FM tuner has 12 presets for your favorite stations (6 FM, 6 AM). Plus, you can connect your CD player, audiocassette, television, or VCR. (Then they'll sound pretty terrific, too!) The remote control is the size of a credit card. Pretty amazing itself!
 Not sold in the Netherlands because market survey saw no chance. Price indication US$ 350,- or Euro 330,-

Bose Wave Radio: You won't believe sound so big comes from a radio small enough to fit almost anywhere. Behind the Bose Wave radio's ability to fill a room with beautiful music is the Bose award-winning, patented acoustic waveguide. Available only from Bose the acoustic waveguide produces sound previously thought impossible from a radio so small.

But sound this advanced is surprisingly simple to get. To fill your room with beautiful stereo sound, all you have to do is press the "on" button. And with the credit card-sized remote control, you can even operate the Bose Wave radio from across the room.



THE PARENT COMPANY: Bose Corporation, Framingham, MA.

What do you do when nothing sounds right? If you're Dr. Amar Bose, you invent something that does.

As a graduate student of electrical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Dr. Amar Bose shopped for a home music system. And he wondered why none of the loudspeakers on the market then could deliver the natural sound of live music. So, he explored the relationship between sound as measured by electronic instruments and the sound perceived by human ears.
This research led Dr. Bose to do two things: establish Bose Corporation in 1964, and create the revolutionary Bose 901' Direct Reflecting loudspeaker system. Introduced in 1968, that system achieved international acclaim by setting a new standard in music reproduction.

Today, Bose manufactures some of the most highly acclaimed audio products in the world. But the real proof of our quality is all the places you'll find Bose.
Many of the most highly acclaimed luxury cars from the U.S., Europe and Japan use Bose sound systems. Bose professional products are in restaurants, retail stores, nightclubs, auditoriums, cruise ships, cinemas, schools, churches and sports arenas. And NASA space shuttles, the Winter Olympics and Madison Square Garden have all relied on Bose.


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