Philips BX760

Type Year of construction Tubes Cabinet Remarks
PHILIPS BX760X 1946 EF 22: HF-amplifier
ECH 21: Mixer
EF 22: MF-Amplifier
ECH 21: MF-Amplifier, AF-amplifier
EBL 21: (2x): AF-Outputstage, Detection, AVC voltage
EM 4: Tuning-indicator
AZ 4: Rectifier
Wood The output stage of this one is uncommon: it features a balanced outputstage with two EBL21's! Combining multiple functions in a tube was a skill often practised by Philips. The introduction of the EBL21 was intended for the 4-tube design in wich the two diode sections of the tube have the function of detector and AVC voltage feedback supply. 
Needless to say that the sound of this radio is fantastic, not in the least because of the massive 300mm speaker.

Glazen schaal,zijknoppen gezocht.
Looking for Glass Scale and knobs at the side

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