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Twin Sloper Antenna, Multi-Band, Resonant, 2,000 W, 160, 80, 40 meters, totale lengte 39 mtr

Alpha Delta Twin Sloper antennas combine the effectiveness of the quarter wave DX with the wide bandwidth of the half-wave dipole.

The DX-A is designed to cover 160, 80 and 40 meters. 

One arm is 20 meters long, while the other is 18.2 meters long.

The sloper antennas are installed as an inverted V with return to earth realized through the truss or the metal pole. 

These antennas use stainless steel hardware, copper wire and efficient Alpha Delta "Iso-Res" winding coils. 

The twin sloper antennas are designed for use on non-rigged truss with metal rods, with a directive in the head.

The directive acts as a capacitive hat and helps to tune the two slopers. 

It is possible that the introduction of sloper antennas in a truss system that has other connected wire antennas can cause a slight detuning of the other antennas.

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Alpha Delta DX-A twinsloper voor 160,80 en 40 meter

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