Baby Loop magnetische antenne incl. autom. control unit V2

I.v.m. de afmetingen van 135 x 115 x 33 cm van de verpakking is het beter om een afhaalafspraak op te vragen.

The smallest and most popular selling loop-antenna. Diameter is only 1m (ca. 38 inch). For this antenna space is not a problem: on the balcony, on the roof. The gapless frequency-range is 6,9 up to 29,7 MHz. It comes ready to use with mast clamp.

The loop is made of aluminium. Even the smallest antenna has a 50mm ( 2 inch) diameter of the tubing. Because of the large surface area there is less loss of gain. Both ends are welded on the socket, no screw connections so no contact resistance.

The tuning capacitor on our loops is not a simple variable capacitor but a big variable plate capacitor of aluminium with an air-dielectric. Both plates are also welded directly to the loop and indestructible on high power! The distance between the plates is 14mm (ca. 1/2 inch) on the smallest antenna.

A weather resistant actuator opens or closes the loop and thus tunes the plate capacitor (SWR tuning).

Tuning of the antennas is done with either a manual or an automatic control unit. The control units have a 230V power supply integrated.

The brain of LOOP ANTENNA is the A.T.U. 2.0 (Automatic Tuner Unit). 
It takes care of every single movement during the tuning.

Thanks to its technology, the A.T.U. 2.0 is able to set the antenna to the best S.W.R. by opening or closing the capacitor for a correct inductance and capacity ratio.

In this way, the antenna is well tuned and the power of your signal is ready to go all around the world.

The A.T.U. 2.0 has an RS232 on-board interface and can be connected and managed by the radio in AUTO or SEMIAUTO mode.
The A.T.U. 2.0 supports:


Of course any other radio equipment can be used with the A.T.U. 2.0 as it provides a fully manual operation of the LOOP Antenna by means of the supplied keyboard.
Automatic control unit
The automatic control unit has a tuning circuit installed and is operated with a small keyboard: just enter the desired frequency, wait a few seconds for automatic tuning of the antenna and go. No trying, no lost notes on settings, no checking with the SWR meter. The current frequency and SWR is shown on the LC display. Maximum power load is 250W with the automatic control unit! A 230V power supply is included in the control unit.

Technical Data
Model BABY  
Frequency range 6,6-29.8    
Diameter 1,0    
Impedance 50    
Max. power load 250    
Front/Side ratio 25-35    
Inductivity: 3   µH
Q: 1100 (7 MHz)    
Weight: 12    
Tube diameter: 50x2    
Surface of antenna: 0,25   qm
Max mast diameter 76

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Baby Loop magnetische antenne incl. autom. control unit

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