WDM-9000 Industrial Radio Modem of TPRadio

Ongevoelig voor hackers.

Voor als u te afhankelijk bent van internet en u een veilige alternatieve verbinding wilt opzetten.

Prima geschikt voor controle van bruggen, sluizen, electriciteitshuizen,gemalen, gasstations etc.

Fast over-the-air data transfer - stationary or mobile.

If cabling is not an option, the ideal solution would be the WDM9000 - the setup is easy and as a plug & play unit, you will quickly be on air.
It transmits and receives Ethernet-data in a 50km range via radio connection to another WDM in a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint setup - like a virtual ethernet cable.


  • Oil & Gas Monitoring
  • Water supply / wastewater 
  • SCADA systems
  • Utility management systems
  • Public safety 
  • Vehicle monitoring/data transfer   
  • ...and other setups, where wireless data transfer is crucial. 

TPRadio WDM9000 - Hispeed Wireless Digital Radio Modem. Ethernet connection

The WDM9000 Wireless Digital Radio Modem is a transceiver designed for data transmission and reception only. The design of the WDM9000 is based on the state of the art technology which makes it possible to have a high data speed 32/64/96Kb/s on a 25 KHz channel. The high data speed is obtained by using QAM signalling.

The WDM9000 is available for fixed and mobile applications for VHF & UHF frequency bands.

If the need is to transmit or receive data information and cabling is not the option, the ideal solution would be the WDM9000 Digital Radio Modem as the data air speed and output power is high. It transmits and receives data several kilometers over a wireless connection to another radio modem over a point-to-point or -point-to-multipoint link.

Connect the WDM9000 to the power, mount the antenna (directly or external), connect the WDM9000 to you data collector, run the setup program and you are ready to transmit or receive informations from the office. Ideal to use where cabling is not an option.

This Wireless Digital Radio Modem is ideal for Road systems, Watersewage, Electricity sector, Pipeline, windmills, tunnels etc.

Programming of parameters such as configuration of the data interface, radio frequencies, power output etc. is performed by using a standard PC through the built-in interface and dedicated software.

The TP Radio WDM9000 fulfils the European standards for data communication products and is manufactured and tested using the latest technology in order to achieve the optimum quality.

The WDM9000 Wireless Data Modem is built into a robust metal housing, which can be mounted on a flat surface. The BNC connector of the WDM9000 gives the option to mount the antenna either directly on the modem or using an external antenna. (We recommend that you use an antenna that has a VSWR better than 2.0)

WDM9000 Features

  • RF bandwidth in two models
    155 - 175 MHz
    406 - 470 MHz
  • Small size
  • Easy to setup / Plug & Play
  • Interface
    ETHERNET 10/100 Mbps
    USB 2.0
    I/O port
  • Data air speed
    32/64/96Kb/s @ 25 KHz channel
  • QAM: 4QAM, 16QAM OR 64QAM
    (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation)
  • Surface mount
  • For fixed and mobile installation
  • Temp. range -20 °C til +55 °C
  • Private network
  • 15 Watt Peak Power
  • Easy and reliable data communication
  • Point-to-point
  • Point-to-multipoint

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WDM-9000 Industrial Modem of TPRadio

  • Merk: TPradio
  • Model: wdm9000
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