• TV Interferentiefiliter - TVI

Dit filter wordt tussen de TV en de antenne aansluiting geplaatst


This filter is designed to provide excellent rejection for 3.5, 7, 14, 27Mhz  {CB Band} and Broadcast Band interference to Television reception.

To see if this filter is going to be effective in your situation, take the antenna connection out of the back of your TV, or VCR if it plugs into the VCR first, and, although the picture will disappear, the interference will also disappear. In this case a High Pass Filter will generally reduce the effects of the interference from low frequency transmitter.

If the interference does not disappear when the antenna lead is removed from TV/VCR then the interference is coming in through the 240 Volt mains or direct into the electronics of the TV/VCR and a Hi Pass Filter will not be successful in removing or reducing the interference you are experiencing.

The Hi-Pass filter is designed for in-door use behind the TV or Video Cassette Recorder using Belling & Lea connectors for ease of installation reducing the need for tools when installing this unit, but it may also be built into an aluminum weather resistant housing on request. An antenna installer may be used to install this filter if you do not feel confident in carrying out the installation or above tests.

Typical Figures:

-35dB at 27 MHz.

-40dB at 15 MHz and rising to -80dB on the Broadcast Band.

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TV Interferentiefiliter - TVI

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