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  • Ultimeter UM2100 s Werelds beste weerstation, windsnelheid, -ric

UM2100 s Werelds beste weerstation,
Met de blauwe display (verlicht) en de elegante zilverkleurige behuizing past de Ultimeter 2000 perfect  ook op het bureau of aan de muur.

 Naast de windsnelheid en-richting, meet het de luchtdruk (barometer), de binnen-en buitentemperatuur en de gevoelstemperatuur. Een klok en datum weergave is er uiteraard ook. De unit kan worden uitgebreid met een regenmeter en een luchtvochtigheid sensor voor elk interieur en exterieur. Een seriële poort voor APRS of de computer is beschikbaar en ondersteunt zeven verschillende dataformaten.


ULTIMETER 2100 - best in its class! The much-anticipated successor to our
most popular weather station ever (ULTIMETER 2000, the world-renowned
standard for performance and reliability in a home weather station), the
ULTIMETER 2100 features a stunning platinum-tone housing with brilliant blue
display backlighting. To improve the user interface still further, an illuminated
keypad provides exceptional visibility in darkness or low-light conditions. The
ULTIMETER 2100 utilizes Peet Bros.' patented and proven weather sensor
technology, including our unique all-digital wind sensor. It has all the features
of its predecessors - all the features you've asked us for - and a few you might
not have thought of. Its microprocessor is 8 TIMES FASTER and has 4 TIMES
THE MEMORY of our earlier weather stations. Here's what it does with all that

numeric pressure change over a 3 hour period (which is the U.S. Weather
Service standard interval) plus a preset barometric STORM ALERT, WIND
TEMPERATURE, WIND CHILL, TIME, DATE, and (with optional sensors),

The ULTIMETER 2100 features not one, but two VERSATILE 4-MODE
SERIAL PORTS that can accept remote commands, making it easy to
communicate with external devices to transmit the data or collect it
remotely by phone, modem, or radio link. The 5 minute packet mode is
perfect for economical radio "beacon" transmission. The 2100 comes
"APRS-Ready," requiring only direct cable connection to a TNC.

A second Serial Data Port (new feature) is provided in the 2100's sensor
junction box, delivering greater flexibility in the location and connection
of THE WEATHER PICTURE, PC Weather Data Logger, or other
peripheral weather accessory.

The system has an exclusive TRIPLE-BANK MEMORY SYSTEM for
highest and lowest readings: today's, yesterdays, and long-term. Say
you had a major storm two weeks ago. You can save all the interesting
extreme values to show friends weeks later, yet still display all of today's
highest and lowest readings as well as all of yesterday's highs and lows.
You'll also see the exact time and date every high and low occurred.

You can reset each long term high and low memory individually or you
can use a MASTER RESET to clear all long term high and low memories
simultaneously. This feature makes it particularly easy to keep monthly
records or to monitor the highs and lows while you are away for a week
or two.

PROTECTION for all outdoor sensors. Plus, for the best possible
protection, it includes a 3 prong GROUNDED AC ADAPTER (available
only in 110 volt systems). The ULTIMETER 2100 is the most "bullet-proof"
full-capability home weather station you can buy.

The system also features a unique RAIN RATE ALARM, which serves as
an adjustable flash flood alert, and is compatible with all of our rain gauge
models. A predictive battery test circuit warns you when the battery is
getting weak.

The ULTIMETER 2100 has a full array of adjustable ALARMS and an
optional electrical EXTERNAL ALARM OUTPUT.

Optional sensors include Humidity Sensors and Rain Gauges (several
models to choose from).


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Ultimeter UM2100 s Werelds beste weerstation, windsnelheid, -ric

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