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  • SIGMA G5RV HF Wire Antenna 10-80 Mtr

SIGMA G5RV HF Wire Antenna 10-80 Mtr

De open lijn eindigt aan de onderkant op een kunststof montageplaatje.
Deze is voorzien van een PL aansluiting.
Geschikt voor de 10/12/15/17/20/30/40/80 meter.
antenne lengte 30.6 meter, voedings lijn ( 450 ohm ) 12 meter lengte.

De antenne kan als een omgekeerde V worden opgehangen

De G5RV antenne is gewaardeerd vanwege de geringere afmeting met behoud van een krachtig signaal

Een HF choke is aan te raden.

Specificaties Sigma G5RV

  • Frequency: 3.5-30 MHz.
  • Bands: 80-10 Metres.
  • Full length: 31 meter (102 ft).
  • 2 x 15,5 meter (51 ft) Poly Weave Non-Kink Wire elements.
  • Ladder Ribbon Cable.12 mtrs
  • Feeder Terminated in UHF-Female (SO-239) Socket.
  • 2 x Dog Bone Insulators.
  • Complete with Instruction Sheet.
  • Made in Great Britain.

The Sigma G5RV Full Size HF Wire Antenna is an HF Amateur Band, Receive and Transmit Antenna, covering 80m to 10m bands. It’s overall length is 31 meter (102ft) , and should be fed with good quality 50 Ohms coaxial cable (recommended feed length of 13,7 meter or 27,4 meter)( 45 or 90 ft). The ribbon cable should hang downwards and forms part of the radiating antenna. To achieve optimum results, this antenna should be mounted as high as possible, either horizontally or in an inverted “V” formation, with the centre mounted at least 11 meter (36 ft) from the ground. The superior 1/2 size G5RV comes fully assembled & ready to go. Also, the Poly Weave wire will not kink and is extremely strong. Excellent for use where space is limited, good for unobtrusive garden or attic installation and also highly recommended for Short Wave listening. UK manufactured and supplied complete with ladder feed and dog bone fittings.

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SIGMA G5RV HF Wire Antenna 10-80 Mtr

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